Monday, June 07, 2010

where am I

Where I am  is making a new forum to replace this blog .. I find this quite hard to use, and not not as inter-active as I would like, so I have been working on a new thing .. where it will be easier to chat and for friends / family to chat to each other as well ...

there are other reasons for the new thing as well .. mainly cos I have been reading all about anti-cancer and I wanted to record notes from that, and a forum is a better tool for that cos it's easier to group stuff in threads and go back to stuff .. and it can be in a section which ppl who are interested can read, and ppl who are not can ignore it!

ALSO this blog has been tricksy about photos from the start, and the layout is always weird when I put photos in .. where as in the forum I can manage that much more easily.

SO, I started it a couple of weeks ago and got some mates of mine who are used to forums to do it with me to show you how it works ... now you can come over and join in too:

it is open to anyone who reads my blog, and I hope it will prove more diverse than being just about me!

You need to REGISTER to comment, but you can read with out registering .. it is easy to register and I will build up a FAQs so you can learn other techniques of using a forum if you want to! I have made the photo section for registered members only, but the rest is as public as this thing is!