Sunday, February 28, 2010

shopping trip

Our shopping trip to Manchester today has been declared a great success ...

B got this Ted Baker jacket, tho it looks a bit better on her than on this model!

she also got a bargain mac in TKMaxx and I got a bucketload of Bobbi Brown makeup to try and add a bit of radiance to my weary old face ...

We were proper label-tarts today, we even had our lunch in Harvey Nicks! hehe

Friday, February 26, 2010


Has been a mixed week: carried on feeling quite sick and very tired after I got out of hospital and had a syringe driver to deliver anti-nausea for three days at home, which is not a big deal but made me a bit sore in the belly. Also had to have those neupogen injections, which may or may not have contributed to the general malaise I've been struggling with this week.

Despite the tiredness I had a good time with B's mum, esp on Tues and Weds when we did some touristy stuff, including a walk around Trentham lake on Tues and a look out at the Westport lake from their new visitors' centre.

I got my hair cut on Thursday, after Jan had set off home and got some grocery shopping today, but didn't do a great lot else the last two days .. too tired and too put off by the sleety rain to get on my bike.



Saturday, February 20, 2010

bleugh but worth it.

Oh dear.. have had a bad time inside this week. Level of sickness worse than ever before. Couldn't even get a sip of water to stay down, lost count of how many times I was sick, and just needed to sleep and sleep the whole time.

Obviously, not eating or drinkng leads to dehydration, so the doc prescribed extra fluids and thus I had to stay in an extra night as well .

I DO feel better now. They gave me a pump to infuse anti-nausea drugs into my belly (subcut) on a regular basis, and this seems to have done the trick. Will be going home with that still attached in a fetching bum bag arrangement, harldy Louis Vuitton, but hey ho.

Anyrate, that's been the experience, but the good news is my scan shows the tumours on my lung are shrinking .. so the chemo is doing its job ... good news!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

newsy suzy

I have been quite busy, lately, haha! It was great to have B's brother over here the last time I was inside, and we are both really grateful that he could make the trip, and bring lovely gifts too .. we just ate the last of the luxury chocs today, out on our ride .. notice that? B makes me save chocs for bike rides, so now you know why I cycle so often!

I've been good about going to my gym since my last stay in hospital - I even went spinning the day after I got out, that's keen, innit? In fact I DIDN'T go this Friday Yesterday) too tired after another one of those loo-bound nights ... but we made up for it with nearly 30 miles of real canal and roads today, we went over to Rode Hall to see the snowdrop Gardens.

This wasn't our first snowdrop garden, we went over to Upton Hall last Sunday, and also walked around Carsington Water, which was lovely too ... This involved another pub lunch, hot on the heels of the day before when we'd done 14 miles around the Tissington Trail .. rounded it off with sandwich and chips ... no wonder I don't lose any weight with all these pub meals ...

I saw Mr Woolf this week, we went round the lake together and had lunch in the caff there ... so even more calories.

And what hope for this weekend / 1/2 term break? ... since we'll be out for three nights with a la carte dining in Llandudno. Good job we are taking the bikes to keep moving or those stones would be piling back on!

I am coming back from Llandudno and straight into hospital, without even coming home .. which will be a bit weird. The day's been changed to Weds this time, so I can have a scan on Thursday and results while I'm still there on Friday. I have taken on board Mandy's comment that "this scan is to see what PROGRESS we are making".


I will update you on that next Saturday, I guess.

Hope those of you that are in education have a good 1/2 term, we are excited about having a little break and I've got B a lot of little Valentines gifts to add to the excitement.

(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
** º ♥`•.¸.•´ ♥ º *

Valentines Kisses to y'all


Friday, February 05, 2010

Birthday Boys

Toby and Joe are 12 today .. Happy Birthday to them ..

It seems quite amazing, no doubt, to anyone who has been in my A level langauge classes and seen them stuck forever in the amber of being toddlers, that they are not toddlers anymore!

SO many students of mine have benefitted from the lovely videos my dad and sister made of Toby and Joe over the years, and I'm sure we're all very grateful!

Now, they make videos of their own ..