Sunday, April 08, 2012

Lung Op recovery

Update on healing .. it all went pretty well, but I still get some sensations of pain around the front of my ribs, which are worse, even "quite bad" when I am tired ... it is 3 months since the operation now.

I did my physio breathing and stretching exercises religiously, as instucted; my breathing and movement now seem perfectly normal again and I have resumed cycling at least on the flat, with occasional hills, which also seems OK most of the time .. although I am noticeably slower and need more rest after exercse than I used to.

In fact I feel pretty weedy quite often, which maybe related to the ongoing effects of all my treatments, but could be exacerbated by a persistent throat virus which I have been labouring with for a month now .... it is getting better but I suspect still debilitiating me like a flu type thing .. it takes me a while to recover from anything like that nowadays, perhaps becaase my white blood cell count has never really recovered to normal after the chemo (which finished two years ago!)

Not withstanding any of this we just had a lovely break in Paris just now, and I walked a lot.