Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day


these things come around, don't they? This time last year it wasn't at all sure that I'd get to this one, so it seems extra special to be celebrating now.

We had a lovely Christmas Eve mostly on our own, although John, the guy in our street who lost his wife to breast cancer earlier this year, came over for a cup of tea in the afternoon. Such a sad time of year, really for so many people it is a reminder of what they have lost as well as what they have.

I always think of my grandad Toft at this time of year, when they used to have parties at "253" on Boxing day. He was a party animal. His daughter (aunty Barbara) told me the other day that he used to like making cocktails, which I didn't realise as a kid, but I am keeping on that family tradition! B and I had lemon drops for our treat last night, and a picnic of soked salmon blinis and asparagus and ham wraps .. lovely jubbly.

Later today we are toddling to Manchester and the lovely James will wine and dine us in traditional style and that will be lovely with several other friends there. B and I are very lucky.

I hope you all have a great time at Christmas, and spend the year carrying out the message of love and peace that Jesus brought to the world.

With Love


Saturday, December 15, 2007

new art

Woo - sorry I've not updated this for a while -- not been much to say, really! Now here is something groovy - we went to an Art Auction last night, had the most fun and bought some new art at verygood prices which are now my "Christmas present". Dunno how long the links will stay active, but these are the pieces we got from the cataglogue ...

this painting is very big, beautiful blue textures by Naomi Greaves.

this is one of two little ceramic nightlight pots by Perry Walmsly Pitts:

A photo from David Stubbs:

and this I don't know quite what to call it display of angel wings by Charlie Pi!
(this doesn't photograph well, but is a lovely thing!)

then there was the one that got away - which I really wanted but it got toooooooo dear!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

family and friends

Yes indeed I had a lovely time down in Dorset with the family, spent all day with mum and dad on Friday and the weekend mainly with the kids. Joe excelled himself at the County Gym Show by securing a bronze medal in his group for tumbling. Toby is specialising in music and I went to his piano lesson with him and his teacher says he is a "joy to teach". Unusually for me, I never took my camera out if its bag, so no images for these tales .. oops!

I was sorry to hear that two of the regular contributors to the blog have their own major health problems. I hope we can get together soon, Celia, just give us a call and I'll be right over. Big Hugs to "The Big Softy at College" too. (I bet she won't be off-line for long!)

I've been invited to a couple of work socials for Christmas. Does it seem odd to admit that I find the prospect really hard and have declined the invitations? It sort of feels like it's too hard to make small talk after the year I've had, and I CERTAINLY don't want to talk about that! I DO still like seeing colleagues, but as individuals rather than en masse.

People who were worried about my decision to start the ball rolling to get back to work can breath again, I still haven't seen the Occ Health, and I can't do anything official before that, so getting in there before Xmas seems quite unlikely!