Friday, April 25, 2008


that was so surreal - the short version is the scans are clear ..

the long version is: we arrived @ the hospital bang on 4 (my appt time) cos the traffic was terrible, the whole city snarled up due to an M6 crash, apparently

and we can tell Dr A isnt there cos we know his car ...

so we sit and wait

and B says "it's a good job we're not on pins, isn't it?"

and he turns up at 4.45 cos he's been stuck in the nightmare traffic too ... and we're just saying hello in the foyer when this other guy (the 4.30 appt fellow) grabs his hand and scoots into the room with Dr A ..

queue jumped at the oncologist, whatever next!

So B says "let it go it's's not like we are on pins!"

then we're wondering should we phone/text ppl who know we're seeing the doc @ 4 -- cos clearly it's going to be a bit more of a wait ..

but we didn't ..

I carried on doing the suduko puzzle and meanwhile saying to B I think my doctor is very handsome -- he looks gorgeous in his pink shirt and tie ensemble -- and she says she'll throw a brick through his lovely sporty two door 90 grands worth of mercedes if I carry on .... (it seems that she can remember the dream I had about him ... it's not only psychotherapists whose patients can get crushes on them !!)

she is only joking though, she loves him too ...

then we go in eventually and then we realise he hasn't looked at the xrays ...

and he is making small talk about me going back to work and how've I been ?... and general chat about my health and my stoma and surgery and I am thinking

ARGH -- look at the x-rays will you ?????

B says he's being very holistic in his approach, when he finally goes to get this thick pile of images .. and we sit there patiently while he gazes at each one in turn, ocasionally throwing out remarks like "so far so good"

and he is SOOOOOOOOOOOO casual -- and I want to offer him a magnifying glass and say are you sure you've really looked at that!?!?!?!??!

but he says it is fine --- and that's that

and now we are breathing again

Scaredy CT

I am scared .. entering serious anxiety attack-territory now, despite all the deep breathing and displacement activity.

I see Dr Adab in a couple of hours and will up-date this about 7 or 8pm tonight.

Fingers crossed!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


-- I dont tend to go on about it in here, but I am both a lass from Stoke on Trent and a bit of a football fan ...

Now, Stoke City FC are teetering on the verge of promotion to the Premiership, and me n the missis have been going to a few games and getting all excited with the rest of the fans round here .. ... ... ... and it's a great diversion from the serious stuff we're dealing with this week ...

I heard on Radio 5 that a local poet had penned a little ditty to encourage "our boys" .... apparently he left his poem as a voicemail on the local Radio Station .. and as is the way with these things, someone else has caught the sound bite, added a few images and popped it on to YouTube .

It might not be your sort of thing, but this amuses me, and his accent and dialect is very much my heritage .. and actually all the things he mentions are my heritage too .. and it's so funny and really ratehr touching to hear it strung together in this way ..

Ladies and Gentlemen -- I give you, our very own Stokey legend ---



Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008



sorry for dilatory catch-up since we got back from France. We've been madly busy both at work and socially ... the highlights:
holiday was fine, gite was really lovely and the area is marvellous, but on the down side is was very cold weather (same as in UK) and I had a bit of a flu thing :(

Thursday, we got back and had a few cocktails in kent with B's grandad and then later with her mum and her husband who was celebrating his birthday, so that was lovely

We spent Friday exploring Dungeness and Rye (lovely place) and bobbed into see B's sister en route through London

Then trogged back home to monumental unpacking (we never travel light - the customs man pulled us over to see what piles of stuff we'd got, somewhat in disbelief that two women away for ten days could need so much - I'm sure he thought we'd got a couple of refugees tucked under the blankets!)

I've actully been into work every day this week (typical stupid part-timer behaviour.)

Went to see Stoke get beaten by Palace on Monday night.

Forced a few more cocktails down ourselves in celebration of two years of our civil partnership on Tuesday (with our lovely mates Mr K and Sam)

Couldn't face (yes you heard, couldn't face) more cocktails last night, but selflessly mixed a few for B and Kasia to celebrate K's birthday.

Today, I've waited in this afternoon for a plumber who's not come cos he's got personal problems .. so have I .. my loo is not flushing!

AND I also signed a contract for two UPVC back doors -- which I'm writing here before I tell Brigid (gulp)

AND in between times, I am trying to get the holiday photos edited so I can share them, AND catch up with 2 million on-line mates as well. Oh, and had a good chat with my line-manager about my contract for next year, which college is being very obliging about ...


I'm so happy to be home, really smiley happy ... :)

oh yeah, and best of all I am just totally delighted to find out that I can access the OED at home if I join my local library, thus accessing the best book in the world for free instead of £2oo a year! YAY - I'll be off to the library to re-join tomorrow ...