Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Years Eve photos

Some recent photos of us with the lovelyLili and Bouclette.

I am even smiley-er now cos the hotel we stayed in at Leeds for this rendezvous was less than immaculate on the cleaning front, so I (politely) filled in their customer satisfaction thingy, and the manager has just written to offer us a return visit at their expense to "restore your faith in xyz hotels"

Nice!! cos we DID like the central location and the space in the room itself, so I will take them up on it sometime (got 6 months for their offer as well)

Nous sommes tres jolies, n'est ce pas?

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Hi - I have recently made a few baby steps to try out being at work, and it has been great fun, just doing some one to one work with final year students on their coursework.

NOW my reversal op has been put on hold, cos my surgeon can no longer do it at the end of this month, and then she is on hols for most of February.

Thinking about that I decided to say I'd prefer to wait till after Easter, cos that is so early in March, then we can have a holiday somewhere nice, NOT blighted by the possibility of post-op trauma ... and then maybe take the time to see what my next scan shows in April, maybe?

It is so hard to know what to do.

To some extent, fear of the cancer coming back makes me want to delay the surgery anyway, cos if these are a few precious months of not being in cancer treatment then maybe it is better to not be post-op in them ... and just not bother with the reversal ... in favour of "quality of life" time with B and gently doing a few hours of work.
Some ppl say "You have to do what you want" and I dont even know what I want.

Then other ppl say "Oh just get on with it and get back to normal" and then I think, what is normal when you have a high risk of return cancer in the back of your mind every day ?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Resolution?

I don't care much for resolutions, but I will continue to try to live with pride and dignity this year. I'm also resolved to learn a bit more about using Photoshop and working on this picture added a couple of new techniques to my repertoire.

It is now nearly a year since my big operation, and 15 months since I last went to work. I've had 20 in-patient hospital visits over the past year, sto say nothing of the clincs, bloodtests and scans, so I DO hope that 2008 will bring less of that and more of the normal stuff.

I owe a massive thank-you to all my family and friends who have been so strong and supportive in 2007. It is much appreciated. I must thank Brigid most of all, I couldn't ask for more.