Sunday, March 28, 2010


mum and dad are giving us this old coffee set of theirs, which I have always loved:

shopaholics anonymous

We went on a spree in Dwell, to get more furniture for the shed ... images not to scale, the round table is 110cm, a small dining table, the squarish ones are quite small!

Bet mum and dad think it's funny getting furniture like they had when I was a kid, though I couldn't see any chairs as nice as the perpex ones they used to have, at least these ones are swivelly!

Monday, March 22, 2010

inside the shed

The interior as it is now ....
The current lady owner thinks she is going to give this sofa to charity.
IMHO she will struggle to get anyone to take it off her hands!
Below you can see the DFS sofa we will be using as the lynch pin in our 50's style refit!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

We bought a shed

Very excited today ... all about a new project we've got to change our lives quite dramatically - we've become second home owners!! We've bought a lodge a few miles from B's work so she won't have to do all the driving every week in future ... and we will see more of each other, and I will have a lovely new area to explore ..

First pic is how it looked yesterday

DAD - see this!

It has got the most amazing south facing deck ... nearly as big as the lodge itself
You can see more about it's exact location here, on this holiday park:
It looks like this from the outside, which is lovely and the location is really really great ..
inside it is vile and we will be doing a complete refurbishment on it, moving walls, new window, kitchen, bathroom and furniture . . . it will be brilliant!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Brigid has been quite unwell for nearly a week, and it seems I may have picked up her bugs, cos I have some sort of flu thing going on: totally tired (or asleep) feverish, high temp, cold feet, aching joints .. gripey tummy etc ..

Dr Adab will not admit me with these symptoms, so my chemo is delayed .. which is really annoying cos my school-pals were due to come up and see me next week, and we've booked a week in Lyme for Easter, both of which will now clash with chemo dates ... ARGH!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Caked out

We went to London and it seems all we did was eat cake!
We had a couple of little pastries at our hotel breakfast on Saturday: Crown Moran Hotel

We had coffee and biscuit in Covent Garden: up in the air in Chez Gerard with great views out over the Market.

We had mint tea and mini baclavas in a place called the Souk. It was very cosy in the cellar with Arabian drapes and brasslamps.

We had florentine and tea in a French Patisserie: Maison Bertaux

We had chocolate ice creams and sauce from the Haagen Dazs place in Leicester Square.

I won't be able to blame my chemo for my weight gain this week, will I?

In fact, eating cakes is not all we did, cos we had lovely times with Jean, Kt, Jean's mum, and B's sister, Alice ...

And we saw Priscilla, which we thoroughly enjoyed in a high-camp, high-pop, high-kicking-dance sort of way. We had great seats so we could really enjoy the costumes and make-up ... BUT we really thought Jason Donovan was pretty poor as both singer and dancer, luckily the rest of the cast are better than him!

Sunday, March 07, 2010


Would you believe it! How lovely it's been to see blue sky and feel some warmth outside.

I've been busy today, doing a bit of cleaning up in the garden and then roasting a beef joint for some sandwiches tonight. It was meant to be a good omen cos our friend made us beef sandwiches when we went to her house to watch an earlier round of the FA cup ... when Stoke did really well .. hey ho, the omen didn't work, and Stoke were beaten at Chelsea, but the sandwiches were amazing anyway!

Healthwise, the chemo was a bit tough again; sick almost as soon as the iriniticin started on Tuesday, quicker than ever before. The medics quickly stuck another syringe driver on me to deliver anti-emetic, and it helped ... in as much as I was able to drink and eat a bit of banana and toast so I avoided dehydration this time, but it didn't totally stop the vomiting .. bleugh ... and I felt a bit rough. But still!! It was a lot better than the last time.

Came home with the driver on; it makes me really really tired. The drug is a sort of anti-histimine (cyclizine) they're not really sure how it even works to stop the sickness. It really zonks me out ... so even though I still feel quite queasy I asked the District Nurse to take it out this morning. I have had a lot more energy today, so I think that was the right decision.

You might wonder how queasiness reconciles with piling into the beef sandwiches! One sad, but true, thing about nausea is that eating makes it better .. calories a-go-go ! Hey ho again!

I hope the sun shines again as the week goes on, it makes being active a lot more attractive prospect.