Friday, May 11, 2012

New Scan, New Challenges

Well there is good news ...the lesion on the right lung has not changed and there is nothing new to report on this 6 monthly CT scan result ..

I hate to be too euphoric in the same way I hate to get too miserable with bad news .. but I think a little YAY might be in order here ..


Brightly coloured in honour of the wonderful anti-cancer regime and its trade mark turmeric .. my life is being extended by this regime ... no question


So I need a new challenge .. in the past I have taken time in remission to do up this shed, renovate our home in Stoke and establish a forum for anti-cancer materials. 

Now I have started to look for a few more mountains to climb ...

Onward and upward, people, onward and upward ... and anyone who hasn't switched to the anti-cancer lifestyle, whether you have a diagnosis or not, I would just ask you, why the hell not?

Find out more here:
My Anti-cancer Forum

You know it makes sense ..

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